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Power of 21 Groups

We are creating groups of men who can stand together in camaraderie.

Why join?

  • We are all on a path to recovery. Some starting out, some finished and many in the middle. We are living proof that recovery is possible. We are proof that happiness is possible. We can help each other live healthier, happier lives.
  • To prevent the sexual abuse of boys and men. We can be ambassadors to create awareness that the sexual abuse of boys and men is real and happening.
  • Many men cite the fear of stigma and labeling as a reason for not telling anyone about their sexual assault or rape. As a result, they don’t get the help they need.  Society created the stigma. We need to eliminate that stigma.
  • To become a powerful fundraising entity and support organizations that provide mental health and/or legal services to boys/men that have been sexually abused.
  • To connect with other men who have survived the trauma of sexual abuse and are living life absolutely!

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