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Why Power of 21

My name is Manassah Bradley.

I started the Power of 21 because very little has changed since my rape 40 years ago by a teacher. I was a happy go lucky 13-year-old boy when a teacher asked me to help him in the bookroom. I naively walked into the room and barely survived a brutal rape. When I emerged from that room, that happy go lucky kid no longer existed. I could not comprehend what had happened to me. I was in shock and shattered.  Shortly thereafter, I called the local rape crisis center.  They told me that “Men cannot be raped. They can only be rapists.” and hung the phone up on me.  I reported my rape to the Boston Police.  They told me “It’s your word against a teacher at Boston Latin School. Go home and forget about it. No one will believe you. It’s just a misdemeanor.”  I wrote a letter to the principal. It went unanswered.

Nobody believed me and there was nobody to help me.

Fast forward to today and very little has changed.

Male survivors of sexual abuse, regardless of their past or present experience as victims of sexual assault continue to be dismissed, marginalized and stigmatized by society.   Many male survivors are overwhelmed, isolated and frustrated when looking for help.   This must change.

My goals are ambitious.

  • Become a powerful force for change. 
  • Raise millions of dollars for non-profit organizations that provide mental health and/or legal services for male survivors.

How do we raise money?

  • We have created a line of high quality shaving kits that will be available for sale in the Fall 2020:

The Power of Allies Kit

The Power of Connection Kit

The EmPowered Kit

The shaving kits are hand crafted in the USA, contain select men’s grooming products and will contain information related to healing and happiness, which we all want and deserve to have in our lives.  

Thanking you in advance, 

Manassah Bradley